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German Chocolate Gluten Free Birthday Cake

by Guest Author 27. May 2010 06:03
 German Chocolate cake has been my favorite cake forever.  .  My Mom has made this cake for me on every one of my birthdays since I was 5.  The homemade icing is bar far and away my favorite part of the cake.  Combine the quality of the homemade icing with a moist German chocolate cake and you can't beat it!  We now have family members that are on gluten free diets.  So that we don't leave anyone out, I set out on finding a way to make a gluten free German&nb... [More]


Healthy Sack Lunches That Are Gluten Free

by Guest Author 26. May 2010 07:36
Ahhh, the dreaded packing of a gluten free sack lunch for school.  Nothing but a pain in the you know what.  Really though, it's not that hard.   Packing school lunches for kids that are gluten free doesn't have to be hard.  With a little planning and effort, it's basically as easy as packing regular lunches.   But thankfully, there are lots of ways to pack healthy gluten-free school lunches.  The best way to start things off on the right foot is to include... [More]


Gluten Wheat – Why Some People Must Avoid It

by James Novotny 23. May 2010 08:37
Gluten wheat is commonly used in a variety of food situations. It’s something that a lot of us don’t even notice, but it’s a big deal for people with gluten allergies. Ingesting this kind of wheat can actually upset the small intestines, resulting in weight loss, bad stools, fatigue, and ill feelings overall. Gluten gives bread its springy texture and is found in wheat, barley, and rye. People who have Celiac disease are not able to consume those products because of the glut... [More]

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Gluten Free Recipes - Some Great Meal Ideas For You

by James Novotny 20. May 2010 16:25
If you have issues with allowing gluten in your diet, you might be pleased to know that there are a number of gluten free recipes out there for you to try. Some of them are tastier than others, so you might have to experiment to find some that you like. Nevertheless, there are tons of delicious flavor combinations out there that have nothing to do with gluten whatsoever. You can use these to develop your own recipes, but some of the ones in here may provide a good foundation for you. ... [More]

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Gluten Free Thai Chicken with Peanuts

by James Novotny 19. May 2010 02:58
If you're looking for a quick and easy recipe that you can forget about, this is one to keep. Simply use your slow cooker and you'll have a quick dinner that merely cooks in the slow cooker for several hours. It's full of flavor and one you'll make again and again. Ingredients: 1 pound of chicken breasts, boneless skinless (cut each breast in half to make cooking faster)1/4 cup of peanut butter, creamy3/4 cup of mild salsa1 tbsp of all natural aminos or other gluten free replacement for soy sa... [More]

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