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My Non Gluten Life | January 2010

Gluten Free Fast Food Options – Still Tasty, Too!

by James Novotny 29. January 2010 05:16
If you have intolerance to gluten, you may feel that eating fast food is an impossibility. However, it is possible to find restaurants with gluten free fast food options. [More]


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Gluten Free Potato Chips

by James Novotny 26. January 2010 14:42
Lays Stax Potato chips are naturally Gluten Free and they're awesome. They come in the same kind of can as Pringles. They're addicting but Gluten Free.


Gluten Free Beer – A Fantasy or a Dream Come True?

by James Novotny 24. January 2010 09:53
Finding Gluten Free Beer can be a challenging task. Most places don't even know what Gluten is as I didn't prior to be diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome. I've had the best luck finding some at Whole Foods. However, a couple larger sized liquor stores now carry it in the Indianapolis area. In the Chicago area, Binnys and Kenwood Liquors are usually a sure bet. Kenwood has the best prices out of anywhere. [More]

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Excellent Gluten Free Spices

by James Novotny 24. January 2010 07:45
I've discovered these 3 spices and they rock! They are great for chicken, steak, pork, as well as pastas, vegetables and other foods. They're a little pricey but what Gluten Free products aren't? I was turned onto these at Whole Foods but haven't seen them on the shelf since the first time I bought them. Usually I order them online from Be sure to check them out. You will not be dissappointed! You can purchase all three for about $18.00 plus tax and shipping.


Gluten Free Cereal

by James Novotny 23. January 2010 10:05
This was a key find. Rice Chex, Wheat Chex, and Cinnamon Chex are all Gluten Free. Finally, a meal or snack I can make quickly without defrosting a chicken or a cow! :) These are a must have staple for us!


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