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My Non Gluten Life | February 2010

Are BW3 wings Gluten Free? I think not!

by James Novotny 20. February 2010 04:50
I had a couple Wood Chucks, BW3 does not have any Gluten Free Beer unfortunately, and some wings at BW3s the other day and had a terrible next day. I had 8 boneless wings with the 'Hot' sauce. Very bad idea. Last year I asked Cha Cha if BW3 wings were Gluten Free and they replied yes, but with a disclaimer of course. All food is cooked in the same fryers so even if any of the flavors were Gluten Free, there is always the potential for cross-contamination. I do remember getting the Parmesan Garli... [More]


Define Gluten

by James Novotny 5. February 2010 15:23
With all of the various food allergies and sensitivities that everyone claims to have these days, in addition to all of the conflicting advice on which foods are healthy and which will make us sick, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction and decide what is best for us. With all of the new labels touting to be gluten free, many of us are afraid to eat anything resembling a grain. [More]

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Gluten Free Lunch Meats and Cheeses from Boars Head

by James Novotny 4. February 2010 04:08
Occasionally, it seems that I've underestimated the number of gluten free choices we really have out there. One of the most difficult things to give up when I was diagnosed was lunchmeat sandwiches. A quick and easy meal that you can eat anytime of day was suddenly out of the question not only because of the bready, but also the meat, cheeses and condiments. In an earlier post I mentioned corn tortillas are naturally gluten free, for the most part. (Always read lables) But until recentl... [More]


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