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Gluten Free in Mexico

by James Novotny 23. January 2010 09:59
I've returned from my trip to Cancun Mexico and did not get sick at all. At least not from the food. :) Luckily many authentic Mexican foods are corn based rather than flour based. I obviously had to still be careful of what I ate, but it was not impossible to stay Gluten free. In fact, I did not have any Gluten, that I know of, until the last night when I just could not resist the Italian Dinner and the bread that came along with it. Not driking any water out of the tap helped also, I'm sure. I even brushed my teeth with bottled water. The all inclusive luxury resort did a good job with the filtered water in all public places and restaurants, but the water in the room was not edible. This was probably one of the easier destinations to visit with this ailment. All in all, an excellent trip. Now to the gym, tanning, then laundry. :)



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