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My Non Gluten Life | Gluten Free Fast Food Options – Still Tasty, Too!

Gluten Free Fast Food Options – Still Tasty, Too!

by James Novotny 29. January 2010 05:16

If you have intolerance to gluten, you may feel that eating fast food is an impossibility. However, it is possible to find restaurants with gluten free fast food options. Gluten, or the protein part of grain, is found in so many things, including anything made with wheat, barley or rye flour. If your small intestine can’t absorb gluten, digest it, or break it down, you have Celiac disease. In this disease, the lining of the small intestine actually disintegrates because of a reaction to gluten. Then absorption of any nutrients becomes a problem for the small intestine to perform.

Since gluten holds moisture and binds food ingredients together, when you start taking it out of things, they tend to fall apart. The solution is to find things with no gluten at all, or things made with non gluten flours. Boston Market actually has some items on their menu that would normally have gluten in them.

Their poultry gravy and mashed potatoes have no gluten in them. Additionally, they offer rotisserie chicken, roasted turkey breast, garlic dill new potatoes, cinnamon apples, green beans, and sweet corn that are all gluten free. Gluten free fast food options are becoming more popular, as restaurants realize many customers adhere to gluten free diets.

If you are on a non gluten diet, you probably already know all of the things to avoid at restaurants. Sauces, coatings, or anything that is used to thicken a dish have to be eliminated. Most beers are made with grains that contain gluten, but there are some non gluten beers being produced. More gluten free fast food options can be found at Chick-fil-A. These include the chargrilled chicken sandwich fillet with no bun, the chargrilled chicken garden salad, cole slaw, fruit cup, side salad, waffle potato fries, barbeque sauce, honey mustard sauce, and several salad dressings.

If you can access the internet, you can find many listings of restaurants and their gluten free choices. Subway, McDonald’s, Sonic, and Wendy’s all have several gluten free fast food options. Your gluten free diet can be accommodated at Chipotle Mexican grill. Their steak burrito bowl, chicken burrito bowl, pork burrito bowl, shredded burrito bowl, and fajita burrito bowl are all non gluten and delicious. Dairy Queen’s soft serve ice cream is non gluten! Many of their ice cream toppings, including chocolate, butterscotch, marshmallow, caramel and strawberry are also gluten free. Butterfinger, Snickers, Reese’s, and Heath are non gluten, plain or as toppings also! Unfortunately, if you're looking for gluten free beer, you won't have much luck. Not many restaurants offer it yet.


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