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Gluten Free Lunch Meats and Cheeses from Boars Head

by James Novotny 4. February 2010 04:08

Occasionally, it seems that I've underestimated the number of gluten free choices we really have out there. One of the most difficult things to give up when I was diagnosed was lunchmeat sandwiches. A quick and easy meal that you can eat anytime of day was suddenly out of the question not only because of the bready, but also the meat, cheeses and condiments.

In an earlier post I mentioned corn tortillas are naturally gluten free, for the most part. (Always read lables) But until recently, I expected most processed lunchmeat to also contain gluten. For the most part, that is a valid assumption, however Kroger Foods carrys the Boars Head brand of lunchmeat which they say is entirely Gluten Free!! I knew a few of their choices were gluten free, but did not think all of them were. I recently asked the deli clerk if I could read the labels for the lunchmeats displayed in the deli case. She was nice enough to come around to the front of the counter, open up the large window, and let me at it. To my surprise every single lunchmeat I looked at contained the words 'Gluten Free' right on it. I did not inspect every choice but will next time. Boars Head's website claims they are all gluten free. I will check back in a day or two to confirm once I inspect every single one of them. I especially like ham, cheese and gluten free hot sauce on a corn tortilla. It's not Jimmy Johns, but not a bad alternative.




June 27. 2010 19:39
sinead hire
I just wrote a really long reply to this blog and it did not post. so so irritating. I feel like knocking my head against the monitor! ok, will attempt one more time..

October 4. 2010 15:36
Смесители Grohe
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United States holly 
October 13. 2010 04:40
boars head meats contain msg. case you didnt know.

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