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My Non Gluten Life | Are BW3 wings Gluten Free? I think not!

Are BW3 wings Gluten Free? I think not!

by James Novotny 20. February 2010 04:50

I had a couple Wood Chucks, BW3 does not have any Gluten Free Beer unfortunately, and some wings at BW3s the other day and had a terrible next day. I had 8 boneless wings with the 'Hot' sauce. Very bad idea. Last year I asked Cha Cha if BW3 wings were Gluten Free and they replied yes, but with a disclaimer of course. All food is cooked in the same fryers so even if any of the flavors were Gluten Free, there is always the potential for cross-contamination. I do remember getting the Parmesan Garlic before though and not having much trouble. Below is some information directly from Bws. Probably best to stay clear of this place until they can accomodate us.  

  • BW3 traditional chicken wings, fries, buffalo chips, boneless (breaded) chicken wings and tortilla chips are all cooked in a deep fryer which is shared by everything else fried. NOT GLUTEN FREE.
  • All grilled items including naked chicken tenders (themselves GF) are cooked on the same grill. NOT GLUTEN FREE.
  • BW3 burgers contain Gluten, burger seasoning does not. NOT GLUTEN FREE
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  • BW3 sweet BBQ Wing Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce and Asian Zing Wing Sauce do contain Gluten. Other sauces do not but as mentioned before the risk of cross-contact exists with all products that could be sauced.
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