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My Non Gluten Life | Do Alcohol, Beer and Wine Contain Gluten?

Do Alcohol, Beer and Wine Contain Gluten?

by James Novotny 24. April 2010 05:18

A Guide of Dos and Dont's

If you have any form of gluten intolerance, you might be worried about how your drinking will be affected. Everyone likes to relax with a nice drink every once and awhile, but fear of gluten content may have you turning your head at an alcoholic beverage. The short answer to the question of gluten content in alcoholic beverages is that some drinks have gluten and some don’t. Most beer is not Gluten Free Beer. Any distilled alcoholic drinks are gluten free, but there are others out there as well. You could just check the ingredients on the drink to ensure if it has gluten or not, but for a quick reference, the drinks below have been tested to contain no gluten at all.

Vodka and tequila are two classics in the shot world, and they are perfectly fine to drink. If you plan on chasing them with some other sort of alcohol, make sure that it too is gluten free. Rum is another gluten free classic, as well as certain forms of whiskey. If you’re a fan of gin, you should be just fine with making it your drink of choice. Mead is a drink made from honey through a distillation process, and it too is perfectly safe for a gluten free life.

If you have high class tastes, you’ll love hearing that champagne and sherry both make it on the safe list. The same could be said for brandy, a favorite for many nautical enthusiasts. All wines are perfectly fine to consume as well, and even wine coolers like Boones can be safe to drink. With the coolers, however, you have to make sure that you don’t drink any malt beverages as those do contain gluten. Check over the package carefully. You can also drink cider, grappa, and kahlua if you want to.

For mixed drink lovers, a martini could be fine if it’s made with the right ingredients. Club Extra Dry martinis and Club Vodka martinis work just fine. If you can’t get enough of your margaritas, Jose Cuervo and Mr. & Ms. T have both been approved for consumption. Many cooking alcohols work as well, but you do need to check the ingredients to be sure. Ouzo and kirshwasser are also fine for a gluten free diet, along with cognac and Armagnac. In short, you can drink alcohol if you have a sensitivity to gluten. You just have to be careful about what kind of alcohol it is.

Gluten Free Beer is available but not very prevalant. There are only a few available in the U.S. and they are mentioned in this related blog post. ANHEUSER Busch's Redbridge is probably the easiest to find, but I have yet to find it at any restaurant or bar.

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