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Healthy Sack Lunches That Are Gluten Free

by Guest Author 25. May 2010 06:03

Ahhh, the dreaded packing of a gluten free sack lunch for school.  Nothing but a pain in the you know what.  Really though, it's not that hard.  

Packing school lunches for kids that are gluten free doesn't have to be hard.  With a little planning and effort, it's basically as easy as packing regular lunches.   But thankfully, there are lots of ways to pack healthy gluten-free school lunches.  The best way to start things off on the right foot is to include your kids in the weekly menu planning.  Giving them the opportunity to be a part of the decision making process of what is actually packed in their lunch could greatly enhance the chances of them eating what's actually packed.  

Providing good complex carbs, healthy fats, and proteins are vitally important to any attempt of improving a child's diet.  Combining those attempts with going gluten free can only enhance your efforts of packing gluten free school lunches.   Your child must not trade any food items with other kids or students.  There is way too much risk involved.   Stress the importance of staying on the gluten free path.  

The following ideas will help you plan and pack a healthy gluten free school lunch for your gluten-free child .  

  • Start with healthy protein that is found in high quality gluten free deli meats, cheeses, and cheese spreads.  
  • Chicken and turkey salads are good.
  • Gluten free peanut or other nut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • Yogurt that is gluten free and flavored with fruits.
  • Smoothies made out of healthy protein powder and fresh fruit.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits provide good complex carbohydrates.  
  • Gluten free pasta dishes.
  • Whenever using oil for anything, use olive oil
  • Gluten-Free flours and brown rice. 
  • Don't send sugary sodas or juices.  
  • Gluten free crackers and corn chips.
  • Gluten free condiments, including mayonnaise, ketchup, or mustard.  
  • Change the daily food items up.  Gluten free kids need/want variety as non gluten-free kids do.  

 Packing gluten free is easier than you think.  Stick to the plan and things will work out well.   It will definitely pay off for you and your gluten free child in the long run.  


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