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My Non Gluten Life | Should You Consider A Non Gluten Diet?

Should You Consider A Non Gluten Diet?

by James Novotny 11. June 2010 04:17

Many people suffer from a condition, known as celiac disease, that causes a variety of discomforts after consuming gluten. These discomforts range from upset stomachs, to bloating, to more serious effects like vitamin deficiencies. Unfortunately, celiac disease is very common, but since gluten is so commonly found in popular foods, many people never realize exactly what is causing these symptoms. In fact, approximately nine of of ten people suffering from celiac disease, are not aware of their gluten intolerance.

The Benefits Of Going Non Gluten

When those that suffer from celiac disease discontinue consuming gluten, they will cease to suffer from the upset stomachs, diarrhea, cramping, gas, and vitamin deficiencies that are associated with the disease.

Not only can this improve a person's quality of life, but it can help to improve their health as well. While removing gluten from one's diet may be a difficult task, the benefits of going non gluten, including the reduction of reoccurring stomach discomfort, is certainly worth the effort.

How To Begin A Non Gluten Diet

The first step in beginning a non gluten diet is to be aware of the foods that contain gluten. Anything containing wheat, barely, rye, flour, triticale, spelt, semolina, durum, einkorn, bulgar, couscous, kamut, tabbouleh, cracker meal, or malt vinegar, also contain gluten. Therefore, any foods containing these ingredients must be completely eliminated from the diet.

Foods To Avoid:

• Breads
• Cakes and Baked Goods
• Breakfast Cereals
• Pasta
• Processed snacks
• Fried or breaded foods
• Lunch or other meats that include flour in the ingredients
• Soups and many other sauces
• Beer
• Salad Dressings and many other condiments

Unfortunately, this is not only a long list of foods to avoid, but also a list of many popular foods that are commonly known to contain gluten. Understandably, eliminating these foods from one's diet may seem extremely overwhelming and may even seem impossible. However, there are many versions of these foods that are specifically made to be gluten-free.

An easy way to begin a non gluten diet is to make an effort to consume more raw foods and non-processed proteins. By simply reaching for fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of chips or other unhealthy snacks, a great amount of gluten can be eliminated from one's diet. Additionally, basing meals around healthy proteins, like lean animal meats and beans, fruits, and vegetables will not only eliminate a great deal of gluten, but will also help to supply a nutritionally rich diet. When food products like breads, cereals, pastries, or beer simply cannot be avoided, take great care to select products that are specifically made for those avoiding gluten. While these lifestyle changes may take a bit of time and adjustment, they will greatly help to treat celiac disease and eliminate the discomforts associated with consuming gluten-rich foods.

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