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My Non Gluten Life | What is Gluten Free? – Leading a Gluten Free Life

What is Gluten Free? – Leading a Gluten Free Life

by James Novotny 23. June 2010 20:38

When walking down the aisles of the grocery store, you have probably seen many products advertising their gluten-free contents. In fact, more and more gluten free products are becoming increasingly available. They are not limited to just specialty stores and the internet anymore. You can find them in major grocery stores around the country. As a result, it has become much easier to lead a gluten free life, which is a big welcome for anybody who has sensitivity to gluten, incidences of which are becoming more and more frequent. You may know somebody who has gluten sensitivity, but if you yourself do not have it, then you may not know that much about it. As a result, you may be asking yourself, what is gluten free?

Gluten free is a type of diet that is completely free of food containing gluten. Therefore, to recognize what is gluten free, you must first know gluten is. Gluten is the protein in wheat, rye, barley, and other related grains. Leading a non gluten life is important for people who have celiac disease, gluten intolerance, dermatitis herpetiformis, wheat allergy, and migraines.

People with sensitivity to gluten might experience symptoms similar to those for irritable bowel syndrome if gluten-containing foods are consumed.Some of these symptoms include diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, weakness, etc. To avoid these problems, it is recommended for people with sensitivity to gluten to lead a gluten free life.

Leading a gluten free life can be difficult because so many foods contain gluten. However, it is becoming increasingly less difficult because there is a growing market for gluten free products. This is because it is becoming more and more common to find people who have a condition that requires and/or is helped by living a non gluten life. Therefore, if you are not familiar with this subject, then it might be helpful to seek out information on it in order to find out what is gluten free. There a lot of people who might have gluten sensitivity but do not realize that they do.

If you are wondering if you would benefit from living a gluten free life but you do not know much about the topic, then you might want to do some research into it. A good place to start is by searching for an answer to the question, what is gluten free? Once you figure this out, then you can see who would benefit from this type of diet and if you might be one of these people.

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October 17. 2010 05:52
Mohammed Mcferran
Every time I come to #hostname there is another exciting post up to read. One of my friends was telling me about this topic couple weeks ago. I think I'll send my friend the link here and see what they say.

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