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My Non Gluten Life | What Exactly is Gluten Free Beer?

What Exactly is Gluten Free Beer?

by James Novotny 30. June 2010 00:42

What is Gluten Free Beer?
Gluten is found in many common ingredients of today's diets. Most commonly associated with barley and wheat, gluten is found in beer and other alcoholic beverages as well as anything made from wheat. For someone with gluten allergies or Celiac disease the simple act of enjoying a beer with friends was an impossibility until the invention of gluten free beer. Nearly all other types of beer contain some level of gluten, so finding a safe beer for someone with gluten associated health issues can be challenging at best.

Gluten Free or Low Gluten?
Before choosing a beer based on the level of gluten it contains it is best to speak with your doctor to find out exactly why gluten bothers your stomach. For people with a mild allergy to gluten, it may be possible to drink small quantities of beer that has a low gluten level without discomfort.

Even those with mild allergies to gluten may find that gluten of any kind in their drink causes serious discomfort as drinks lack the bulk of other foods that have gluten. However, people who have Celiac disease could have a serious, or even life threatening, reaction to the smallest trace amounts of gluten. If you are unsure of what causes your gluten reaction, it is safest to stick with beers that are clearly labeled gluten free.

How is Gluten Beer Made?
Most beers are made from barley and wheat, so it is natural to wonder how gluten free beer can taste as good as regular beer. Gluten free beer is generally made from buckwheat, sorghum or rice. Buckwheat is a completely safe ingredient, as it is a member of the rhubarb family and unrelated in any way to wheat. Despite the fact these are not the traditional forms of beer making, you will be surprised to find the taste of beers made from these ingredients is excellent. There are many online reviews of the various types of gluten free beers currently available, and doing a little research can greatly reduce the amount of trial and error you undertake to find the perfect beer.

Where to Find Gluten Free Beer?
Gluten free beer may not be readily available at all restaurants and bars. When planning a night out it is a good idea to call ahead and find an establishment that carries gluten free beer. If your favorite bar does not offer gluten free options, request them to do so as many managers are more than happy to accommodate their customer's requests. For home consumption, there are many websites online which offer a wide variety of low gluten and gluten free beer choices in case your local spirits store does not provide what you need.

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