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My Non Gluten Life | Gluten Free Chicago White Sox

Gluten Free Chicago White Sox

by James Novotny 19. August 2010 16:52

So, going out to a ballgame can be extremely frustrating for someone living gluten free. I recently attended a White Sox game and was excited to be able to actually have a beer there as I had heard the Chicago White Sox did have some gluten free items including beer. Unfortunately, when I arrived the bartender where we stopped on the way in stated she used to have gluten free beer but was currently out. It also did not appear to phase her in the least bit which frustrated me to say the least. Perhaps if she had to live gluten free she would get it! Luckily, I was the designated driver so it was not a huge disappointment. However, I would have at least liked to have said I was able to get it there.

So I'll step down off my soap box and reveal some information I just came across on this subject. Apparently, there are several spots to enjoy gluten free items at U.S. Cellular which are listed below. On my next visit to U.S. Cellular I will be visiting each of these to determine if they do, in fact, have these items for those of us gluten free to purchase. I'll post an update as soon as I get to another game. If anyone has any info on this, pls leave a comment.



Sections 110 and 522: Triple Play Carvery Stand and All-Star Stand
Your choice of fresh carved roast beef, corned beef and roasted turkey on gluten-free multi-grain bread gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

Sections 105 and 544: Comiskey Dog
Chicago-style hot dog on gluten-free bun

Sections 122, 152 and 523: TexMex
Nachos with your choice of topping including beef barbacoa, pork barbacoa or chicken carnita. Nacho portables locations located around the ballpark on the 100 and 500 levels serve Mission tortilla chips with cheese

Sections 144 and 538: Winning Ugly is Sweet Stand and All-Star Stand
Vanilla soft serve ice cream and chocolate soft serve ice cream

Sections 109, 157 and 531: Beers of the World
Bard’s Tale gluten-free beer

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August 26. 2010 18:03
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